Winemaking Process

We maintain the same classic methods of vinification for all our Chardonnays: first, the fruit is hand sorted to ensure that only the most perfect clusters are gently pressed. We believe that allowing the juice to ferment naturally, with indigenous yeast, in small French oak barrels allows for the truest and most balanced expression of the varietal.

A selection of artisan coopers, whose barrels complement our Chardonnays, are carefully chosen; the subtle variation from cooper to cooper and old barrel to new, combined with the individuality of natural fermentations, gives an inherent complexity to the final blend.

Once malolactic fermentation is complete, the weekly batônnage, or stirring of the lees, is performed to further enhance body and richness. The wine continues to age in barrel while the aromas and flavors achieve maturity. Once the desired level of complexity is obtained, the wine is bottled.

- Harvested at night
- Hand Sorted
- Indigenous Yeast Fermentation
- Variety of French Oak Barrels
- Malolactic Fermentation in Barrel
- Weekly batônnage (stirring of lees)
- Aged 14 - 16 months in Barrel

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