The Vineyard

“The two most important things in growing the best wine grapes possible are canopy management and timing”
- Alan Peirson

The farming practices for all of the wines we produce are tailored to each vineyard site with the goal of producing the best wine grapes possible from a given season. We take in many factors during the growing season that help us with our decision making, starting with our spring weather which can effect bud break as well as soil moisture content. This has a direct relationship to the strategy we implement for the timing of our suckering, lateral removal, leaf removal, fruit removal and watering schemes.

Regardless of the challenges Mother Nature can bring within a season, it is these judicious vineyard practices year in and year out that allows us to produce exceptional hand crafted wines capturing the best expression of the vineyard site.

Heintz Chardonnay -
Charles Heintz Vineyard

Napa Sauvignon Blanc -
Ryan's Vineyard, Oak Knoll

Bateman Pinot Noir -
Bateman Vineyard

Miller Pinot Noir -
Miller Vineyard

Sophia's Chardonnay -
Sophia's Vineyard