Serve & Cellar

Serving - To enjoy our Sauvignon Blanc, please serve between 48 and 50 degrees. Our Sauvignon Blanc has been filtered and cooled to temperatures around 45 degrees at the winery to best present the character of this varietal. However, we do not recommend excessive chilling of this wine. If you enjoy your Sauvignon Blanc cooler than cellar temperature, we recommend you chill the wine for a brief period of time. Please do not age the wine at colder temperatures such as in your home refrigerator.

Cellaring - The Sauvignon Blanc reveals its fresh bright flavors in it's youth, however cellaring 1-4 years past the vintage date will produce richer more complex flavors while retaining its varietal fruit character.

Our Recommendations:
- Serve between 48 and 50 degrees
- Cellar temperature: 55-65 degrees
- Drink 1-4 years past the vintage date

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