Serve & Cellar

Serving - To enjoy our Pinot Noir to it’s fullest, please serve between 60 and 65 degrees. Our Pinot Noir benefits from being decanted before serving, particularly in its youth.

Cellaring - A great attribute of this wine is that it can be enjoyed immediately or with some cellaring time. The fresh fruit and rich mouthfeel will be appreciated by those who like more youthful wines, however, time will reward those who have the patience to hold this wine for 2-7 years past the vintage date and beyond. We suggest trying a bottle at least once a year to find the developmental stage of the wine you most enjoy. We recommend a cellar temperature of 55-65 degrees.

Our Recommendations:
- Serve between 60 and 65 degrees
- Decant 30-60 minutes before serving
- Cellar temperature: 55-65 degrees
- Drink 2-7 years past the vintage date

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