Robbie Meyer, Winemaker
Lesley Warner-Peirson

For thirty two years Lesley and Alan have been partners in life and work. A second generation native Californian, Lesley grew up surrounded by the walnut and fruit orchards of Los Altos. An early and intense curiosity in art, history, and science was reflected in her college education, later combining in a degree from the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco.

Spending several years in Napa Valley, principally as a free-lance chef, Lesley settled with Alan in 1984 to develop what is now known as the Peter Michael Winery Estate. In addition to acting as a private chef there, her work expanded to a shared role as Estate Manager, Director of a non-profit organization raising money for the performing arts and as Special Project Coordinator for design projects and special events.

Relocating to Oakville in 2002, Lesley started a new adventure with Alan, Robbie and Shannon Meyer, setting the framework for their family wine business. Currently, she manages all aspects of the business for Peirson Meyer.

“At the beginning...”